Community Photo Gallery

4 teenagers with colored chalk all over them from a charity fun run event.

Call SERVPRO to Clean Up These Kids!

It's a good thing SERVPRO of Vacaville was around to clean up after the recent charity run at Jepson Middle School.  These participants were full of colored chalk and stopped by SERVPRO for a good scrubbing!

Play Ball!

SERVPRO of Vacaville is a proud sponsor of Vacaville High School’s baseball program.  With the weather starting to turn warm, we are looking forward to catching a game or two! 

Supporting PAL

SERVPRO of Vacaville was happy to donate an auction item for the Vacaville Police Activities League (PAL) fundraising event.  We hope the winners enjoyed a fun night on the town.

Loop the Lagoon

Get those running shoes out of the back of your closet and dust them off!  SERVPRO of Vacaville  is putting together a team to participate in the Vacaville Public Education Foundation's (VPEF) annual fundraiser, Loop the Lagoon.  We are looking forward to supporting our local schools, getting some exercise and having some fun doing it.  

A Clean Mess

SERVPRO of Vacaville employee Nancy Cunningham and her daughter Kelly recently participated in a run where they blew bubbles everywhere.  Her only thought while she was running was "Who's going to clean up this mess?"  They should have called SERVPRO of Vacaville!